Fostering strong client relationships and embracing international collaboration have emerged as essential pillars of our business success. The global gatherings serves as a melting pots of innovative ideas, cutting edge technologies and diverse perspectives from industry thought leaders. We embrace these opportunities to build unbreakable bonds with our clients, share novel ideas and elevate our services to unprecedented levels. The essence of our organization lies in this collaborative approach, where clients are not just spectators but active participants in our collective triumphs.

Client Visit

Client visits play a pivotal role in enhancing understanding, trust, collaboration, and project management efficiency. Recently, one of our esteemed Platform clients visited our headquarters to engage in meaningful discussions regarding changes and the future roadmap. This BigCollaboration fosters a stronger partnership, ensures client satisfaction, and enables us to deliver tailored solutions that meet their evolving needs.

Europe Business Meet

Seeking new verticals and exploring diverse markets becomes more accessible through direct interactions. Business travel enables our CEO and representatives to foster connections with potential partners, investors, and industry leaders in different sectors. Building such valuable networks is crucial for exploring new horizons and staying ahead of the competition in an ever-evolving global marketplace.

Business Meet with US Clients

Business travel remains a cornerstone of our customer centric approach, facilitating BigCollaboration, expanding opportunities, and nurturing lasting partnerships. Our CEO and business development representatives continue to embark on successful business trips to the US and beyond, exemplifying our unwavering dedication to delivering the best client services and assistance.

Platform Client Visit

A platform client visit comes forward with a lot of opportunities for building networks among the parties. Give an initiative to team members to understand the client's business, imperatives and legal needs. They deliver a strong and unified message to have a clear understanding of the future goals and objectives of the customer meeting.

Healthcare Client Visit

Client visits are essential for developing a strong network and providing crucial information about the business and its operations. Such visits bridge the communication gap, create the foundation for the next development phase and give a proper understanding of certain protocols and process better.

Client Appreciation

Client appreciation for employees adds great value to their work and encourages them to achieve their future goals. smarTians always put their foot forward to deliver quality work with determination and hard work. Positive appreciation from their desired clients boosts their capabilities and enhances their inner abilities.

Platform Client Visit at Mohali

Visits from clients to smartData Enterprises are immersive experiences that include in-depth discussions about the projects. Our platform client visit Mohali headquarter to establish a plan for the project's future roadmap. Client interaction with the whole team was to get insights into the project development milestone and to make them understand the entire business system.

Client Appreciation

Success is one's hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and passion of doing or learning to do. Team's from our Nagpur branch were recognized and awarded with bonus by the client himself for their outstanding performances. Such appreciation not only boosts their morale but enhances their inner abilities too. At smartData the Right Talent always been rewarded.


Twenty smarTians got the opportunity to participate in Chandigarh's largest startup funding and entrepreneurship event, which was called CANNABLE 4.0. At the event, they got the chance to learn from aspiring and experienced business owners . Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ajay Tewari, spoke about the myths and exciting opportunities for new businesses as Chairman of Chd-Angels.


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