Designing, developing and managing employee fitness programs in workplace settings is one of our core competencies. Our expertise ensures that both our corporate health goals, as well as individual employee needs, are met.

Nagpur SPL Season-12 Winner

The Pitch Hitters team delivered a stunning performance, emerging as the champions of the SPL cricket tournament season 12 at smartData Nagpur. Their remarkable achievement not only showcased their sporting skills but also highlighted the importance of team spiritThis tournament fostered a healthy competitive spirit, promoted physical activity, and contributed to the overall well-being of our employees.

Physiotherapy session for Neck & Back

Our smarTians' well-being is of utmost importance to us. To prioritize their health, we have invested in various initiatives. Recently, a dedicated physiotherapy session was conducted, focusing on improving back and neck mobility. This effort promotes a healthy lifestyle, supports our employees' physical well-being, and underscores our commitment to their overall health and happiness.

SPL Mohali Auction

Recognizing the significance of employee fitness and wellness, organizing the annual SPL cricket tournament kick-started with an exciting auction adds an element of enthusiasm. This event fosters physical activity, teamwork, and friendly competition, promoting a healthy work environment. It cultivates camaraderie, boosts employee morale, and demonstrates the company's commitment to employee well-being.

SPL at Dehradun

Emphasizing employee fitness and wellness is crucial for their long-term health and job satisfaction. The annual SPL cricket tournament serves as a vibrant platform to foster physical activity, teamwork, and sportsmanship. This event promotes a healthy work-life balance, boosts employee morale, and strengthens bonds, creating a positive and energetic workplace culture.

SPL Auction Dehradun

Prioritizing employee fitness and wellness is paramount, fostering a healthy and productive work environment. Organizing an SPL cricket tournament every year further promotes physical activity, teamwork, and camaraderie. The tournament, initiated with an exciting auction, boosts employee engagement, enhances social connections, and reinforces the company's commitment to holistic employee well-being.

SPL Nagpur

smartData Premier League (SPL) is an enhancement of our belief in balancing work with fun activities is a great platform for the employees to interact with each other and get to know their strengths and capabilities. With 4 teams SPL started with great enthusiasm at Nagpur. smarTians will utilize their unique strengths towards a common goal.

Phsyiotheraphy Expert Visit at Dehradun

Learning about good posture can make a huge difference in how we feel and work. smarTians at smartData Dehradun got opportunity to interact with our in-house physio expert and got to know how to maintain good posture and prevent discomfort. A #CFG initiative to Create a healthy & sustainable workforce.

IT Companies Association Fitness Run

By promoting wellness in the workplace, smartData is investing in the long-term health and productivity of their employees. Physical activity and mental health support are essential components of a healthy lifestyle, and under our CFG initiatives smarTians is setting a great example for others to follow in their commitment to health & wellness.

Run For Health Half Marathon

Running is a great way to improve your overall health. Once again, smarTians participated in half marathon with great enthusiasm and energy. Such events are great initiatives to improve physical and mental health. Although, it covers more mileage and improves the body's ability to live longer. Creating healthy workforce under our CFG initiatives.


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