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Remote Working Surveys

Being IT consultants, smarTians expressed their views for extending remote working even after the current situation. Apparently, in various surveys conducted by HR— 83.9% smartData employees prefer working remotely with increased productivity in the pandemic outbreak, where they can have work life balance. They can work from anywhere with dedication leads to increased productivity.

Pune Women Warriors

Recognition system is a “pulling” strategy and acknowledging one's effort improves productivity, enhances loyalty, and promotes collaboration. smartData Enterprises at Pune has witnessed a spectacular women leadership involvement and the team is ready to face upcoming challenges this year. We become what we think we could but it’s the efforts that count and these skilled and experienced work professionals have proved it.

Donation to PM Cares Fund

An important element of giving is the joy and happiness that one experience's when giving from their heart, without any expectation or attachment. Following their soul and offering their energy of mindfulness, smartData pledged to donate INR 5Lakhs to PM-CARES Fund and will continue to support the nation in the disaster of PANDEMIC. Walking hand in hand to make healthy and safe India.

Online Mediation Sessions

With the responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of our employees online Yoga & meditation session conducted for smarTians by HR and volunteers to energize their physical and mental health. Repetitive Meditation & yoga session alleviate stress, improve productivity also creates holistic lifestyle, clarity in mind, improved focus and enhanced decision-making.

Employees counselling sessions by HRs

Consistent and clear communication about health risks, preventative measures, and available resources is the best way to foster the well-being of employees. Video counseling sessions and health surveys are being carried by the HR team from time to time to be aware of smarTians' well-being, the challenges facing during working from home, and any risk in surrounding because of COVID-19.

Motivational session by Professional Speaker

To minimize the external influences and variables affecting our lives during this pandemic, smartData Management and HR team organised motivational sessions across the organization. Guided by international motivational speakers these remote sessions focused on relaxation and productivity techniques for a strong self.

Preventive Safety Measures

smartData Enterprises adapted Chemical treatments, use of infrared thermometer for temperature checking and masks as a preventive measures against COVID-19 in all three locations and around premises. It is one of the easiest and most efficient methods of preventing transmission from the person to the person as stated in WHO guidelines.

100% Work From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in people working from home, smartData enterprises has started this initiative on 19 March 2020, with initially 90% work from home in order to contribute to social distancing and yet again being productive. 100% Remote work has been on the rise during the lockdown and has definitely contributed to work-life balance.

Security Audit

Audits establish a security baseline and to avoid potential threats to the security perimeter. We encourage & promote to follow set of guidelines, policies & principles laid down under compliance. Information Security Audit' was conducted across all branches to assess security code of conduct, network practices etc. under ISO.