Lockdown brought smarTians face to face with the unknown. The way operations have continued for over 100 days is a testimony to precise planning, continuous monitoring, and exemplary hard work and dedication towards work and the associated livelihood. Video conferencing has helped. The water cooler talks have been replaced with virtual settings. There have been numerous talk sessions and video conferences for the last three months. The calls have been both formal settings to discuss work and informal off work conversations. This has been a great way of conversing with people and knowing how they are doing in these heightened state of anxiety due to pandemic & offering help and support and solace in any way possible. Some of the continued efforts by the different group which requires mention are given below :-

Nagpur Branch Visit

Branch visit provides opportunities for learning through exposure to diverse working methods. Such visits enable the team members to build strong connections and brainstorm in real-time. It is an effective way to experience a corporate atmosphere and have an exclusive conversation with leaders.

Happy Moments

Happy Moments are the reason for bringing joy and adding light of hope in our life. We always love to share the precious and lovely moments of every employee to make them feel part of the organization. A great initiative to make their special moments feel even bigger and create fruitful memories.

Welcoming New Branch Head at Dehradun

A warm welcome and lots of good wishes on becoming part of our growing team of Dehradun. A good branch head is responsible for business growth and has strong communication skills to supervise employees with day-to-day operations. Also, ensure quality customer service and shape the work environment by achieving the productive goals of the organization.

Mohali Branch Visit

To achieve visibility in branch operations and better decision-making, a Branch visit is key to demonstrate the values and enhance the functioning of the organization. It serves as a competitive advantage to support organizational goals and report best practices. These visits offer holistic visibility into the processes and improve the network.

VASE IT Cup Partcipation

The years roll on and it is incomplete without a fun activity. The event witnessed the overwhelming participation of dedicated employees of our Nagpur office. Such events help players to connect with their fitness and give equal chance to each enthusiastic player. A great initiative to showcase your skills With great energy and enthusiasm.

Employee Mixer at New Year

Kick off 2023 with new beginnings and a positive attitude. Employee mixer strengthens the company’s culture and encourages team building. It’s the time to recognize employees for their hard work and pump your team up for the year ahead. Such gatherings are a great way to appreciate the efforts of the team to cover up such a fruitful journey.

Platform Client Visit

A platform client visit comes forward with a lot of opportunities for building networks among the parties. Give an initiative to team members to understand the client's business, imperatives and legal needs. They deliver a strong and unified message to have a clear understanding of the future goals and objectives of the customer meeting.

New Year Havan

A new year is the best time for a new beginning and a fresh start. Our 3 office branches started this new year with the wishes of the almighty to let go negative thoughts and have an optimistic approach to life. A great start to achieving great heights and lots of achievements in the workforce.

Dehradun Branch Visit

To create a brand experience, a branch visit is an effective way to streamline the business processes and enhance team collaboration. These visits develop smooth transparency in the work process and help employees engage with new methodologies to be implemented. BigCollaboration across  all 3 branches.

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