Lockdown brought smarTians face to face with the unknown. The way operations have continued for over 100 days is a testimony to precise planning, continuous monitoring, and exemplary hard work and dedication towards work and the associated livelihood. Video conferencing has helped. The water cooler talks have been replaced with virtual settings. There have been numerous talk sessions and video conferences for the last three months. The calls have been both formal settings to discuss work and informal off work conversations. This has been a great way of conversing with people and knowing how they are doing in these heightened state of anxiety due to pandemic & offering help and support and solace in any way possible. Some of the continued efforts by the different group which requires mention are given below :-

Best Dressed Competition

Freedom week celebration was a a week long fest for smarTians to get the break from their routine work. Various activities have been organised to polish their inner traits. On the theme of Independence day, best dressed male and female contest conducted across all branches. Dressed up in Tricolor attires #smarTians have weaved the patriotic atmosphere.

Drawing Competition

Employee engagement activities give a platform to polish their internal traits. In the drawing, painting competition. smarTians have expressed their patriotic feelings on the canvas during freedom week celebration across all branches of smartData Enterprises. Winners have got the prize for their wonderful creation on the theme of Independence day.

Extempore Speech

Employee engagement activities give a platform to polish their internal traits. In the extempore competition, smarTians have expressed their point of views on the given topic without any preparation which enhances their presentation skills, critical thinking ,flow of thoughts and communication skills. Winners of the extempore competition presented with prizes on Independence day.

Quiz Contest

Freedom week celebration kick started with the quiz competition across all three branches. smarTians have participated with zeal and excitement. Different teams prepared well for encountering the interesting Q&A session based on the Independence history of India. After the tough competition winning team from each branch appreciated and rewarded by the prizes.

Debate Challenge

When people work together in a group, it’s not uncommon to have disagreements. In a workplace,the trick is learning how to productively work through disagreements to arrive at an optimal solution.  with the motto of #WPL3 #PauseForFun Debate competition held across all branches during freedom week celebration.

Freedom Week Celebration

To mark the 75 years of Independence , Freedom week organised for smarTians. 7.5 days of Independence Day celebrations have given smarTians a platform to enhance team spirit, polishing their inner passion through different activities like quiz, extempore,drawing competition etc.. smarTians across all branches participated with zeal and enthusiasm in the freedom week celebration.

23rd Anniversary Celebrations

It was on 03rd August 1999, when we started from a small office but with a big vision. Every year we celebrate this day of our long and successful journey.  On the auspicious occasion of 23rd Anniversary ,for the well being of humanity and seeking blessings  from almighty , hawan performed across all locations.

Business Travel to United States

Meeting clients in their environment shows you how they integrate your software in their workday. You’d be able to study their behavior and show them your support. And finally, seeing their smile and satisfaction in person is the best reward ever. Another successful US trip by our business consultant was all about a comprehensive view of strengthening client relations.

Dehradun Freedom Trek

Trekking and exploring bring in a new spark in one’s life. With the mantra of learning through adventure, On the occasion of completing 75 years of Independence , a 75 Km trek from Dubri Goan near Maldevta initiated by our CEO Mr. Ajay Tewari with fellow smarTians Dehradun to - Surkanda Mata Mandir via Kaddukhal.

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